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Founded in 2004, Tierra del Monte is part of a start-up that gradually grew and ended up consolidating into a Peruvian Company dedicated to manufacture and distribute 100% natural Peruvian products of the highest quality.

Tierra del Monte has the exclusive representation and allocation of the Peruvian Pink Salt, which is extracted from the Maras Salt Mines, located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas at approximately 4,000 meters above sea level, hand mined since the time of the Incan Empire for over 600 years.

The constant work since 2004, has allowed Tierra del Monte to create the brand MARAS GOURMET. This brand currently exports to 18 countries, where its products are used in the main hotel chains, restaurants, spas and supermarkets, having obtained several international awards and certifications.



The best Peruvian Gourmet products are now available in more than 18 countries around the world. We invite you to download our catalog by clicking on the button below and start discovering the ancestral flavor of Maras Gourmet.



Enter in the debate on what type of salt is better to consume, if Peruvian Pink Salt or regular cooking salt, or if Peruvian Pink Salt and sea salt, even if it is better than Himalayan Salt.

Peruvian Pink Salt, unlike common salt, is a natural salt, with high mineral content and a unique flavor contribution.

Common salt or regular cooking salt is a chemically produced salt, where color, drying, and granulometry is produced, hence the name of Refined Salt.

Sea salt comes from contaminated oceans, without any mineral input.

In the case of Himalayan Salt, its positive points are being a 100% natural salt with a high mineral content, coming from a place with an ancestral history. On the contrary, being a rock salt, it has a hardness that prevents easy digestion, which can even bring kidney problems; the taste is a negative point also knowing that it is the same as common salt.

Maras – which is 50 kilometers from Cusco and 4,000 meters high – found its good fortune in salt. But how do they produce it? They say that since time immemorial the area has had a spring, which comes out of the middle of the mountain, bringing saltwater. «Water is taken to the pools through channels that run all over the place.» By a process of crystallization through the sun, this water is evaporated giving rise to a unique product, the Peruvian Pink Salt.

The salt cannot be harvested year round. Work can only start once the rainy season is over, which makes the demand for Peruvian Pink Salt even greater.

There is a legend that tells that the salty spring that flows from the Mountain are the tears of Ayar Kachi according to Inca mythology, who was one of the 4 brothers who founded the great Inca Empire.

The God Wiraqocha made the 4 brothers come out of a cave to found a great empire; Ayar Kachi threw a stone at the Mountain and his brothers, fearful of his strength and power, tricked him into the cave, preventing him from being the founder of the empire. Ayar Kachi’s tears created the beautiful salt place that covers the mountainside, creating the Maras Salt Mines.



TIERRA DEL MONTE SCRL, a company dedicated to the packaging, sale, and distribution of Peruvian Pink Salt, Gourmet Coffee and Organic Products such as Organic Raw Sugar, Organic Maca and Organic Quinoa; provides safe and quality products.

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«The man who brought the Peruvian Pink Salt to the World»
Maras Gourmet Founder – TED Conference 2014


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