Peruvian Black Maca Gelatinized – Doypack 14.1 OZ


Peruvian Ginseng or maca is a plant that grows in the heights of the Andes Mountains, traditionally it has been given culinary and medicinal uses for being a powerful adaptogen.

Maca is the best 100% organic superfood that provides antioxidants, increases male fertility, improves memory and learning, helps balance stress levels, strengthens the body’s energy and resistance.

The properties of maca powder are vital to combat daily stress and enable health and well-being. The gelatinized powder is not a gelatin, it is a simple heat process that breaks down the starches in the maca root, allowing for easier digestion.



Product specifications:

  • Net weight: 400 g
  • Uses: It can be consumed directly, mixed with water, juices or bakery
  • Ingredients: 100% Organic Black Maca


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