Peruvian Pink Salt also known as Maras Salt, Pink Salt of the Incas or Salt of the Incas is extracted from the Maras Salt Mines located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas located in the District of Maras, Province of Urubamba, Department of Cusco – Peru at approx. 4,000 meters above sea level. It produces a 100% natural salt, with high mineral content (calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, among others).

Since time immemorial the area has had a spring, which comes out of the middle of the mountain, bringing salt water. “water that is carried to the pools through channels that run through the whole place”. By a process of crystallization through the sun, this water is evaporated giving rise to a unique product, the Maras Salt from Cusco.

Today, the Salt Mines of Maras are worked by families from the Maras and Pichingoto communities, who have inherited the salt ponds and salt cultivation techniques from generation to generation.

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Peruvian Pink Salt Benefits:

  • Unique flavor contribution in Gourmet Cuisine.
  • A 100% natural salt.
  • A salt with high mineral content.

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Peruvian Pink Salt Price

Price of the Peruvian Pink Salt is always a frequent question, Maras Salt is a unique salt, considered within the best gourmet salts in the world, the contribution in flavor that generates Peruvian Pink Salt, as well as being a 100% natural salt with high mineral content makes it the Maras Salt of Cusco has a different value.

The production of Peruvian Pink Salt only occurs in the months of May to October due to the season of sun and absence of rain in the Urubamba Valley in Cusco.

The manual cultivation has been done since the time of the Incas for more than 600 years, an artisan work that our company has continued to maintain since its inception.

All these factors have allowed the Price of Maras Salt to be different from other salts, therefore, it is a product that generates added value not only to the different dishes but also to the products that use it as an input.

Mode of use or Consumption:

Maras Salt or Cusco Salt is ideal for cooking in general, as well as in the preparation of red meat, fish, pork and/or chicken on the grill or in the oven. It is also ideal for the preparation of salads and/or cooked vegetables.

Export of Peruvian Pink Salt:

Salt of the Incas has reached the tables of more than 18 countries, its quality, flavor contribution, as well as the mystical history full of energy behind the production of Peruvian Pink Salt has allowed to consolidate this incredible product in the most important markets worldwide through the most important chefs.